St. Peter's
Anglican Church

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Ministries and Projects at St. Peter's

Current Projects

Birthday Celebrations
Date/Time: TBA
Location: Kingsway Fellowship Hall

St. Peter’s Anglican Church birthday celebrations primarily recognize the gift of life and honor each member’s birthday. A potluck lunch is served and members socialize with one another. Birthday celebrations have benefited the Greater Memphis community by offering individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds an opportunity to (a) to appreciate and celebrate the gift of life (b) fellowship with one another and (c) provide moral and social support. 

Director: Dr. Grace Kibe. Asst Director: Mrs. Billie Fielden

Blanket Outreach Ministry
Date/Time: December of each year
Location: TBA

St. Peter’s Anglican Church blanket outreach ministry primarily focuses on providing moral caring support to members of the Greater Memphis community by offering warm blankets during the winter months. This project provides St. Peter’s members an opportunity to collaboratively work together on a project that will benefit the greater good. For the project, individuals purchase the materials and make the blankets together in a social setting.

  • Winter 2013 blankets were donated to Ronald McDonald
  • Winter 2014 blankets were donated to World Relief Memphis.
  • Winter 2015 blankets were donated to male clients at                   Memphis Union Mission. 
  • Winter 2016 blankets were donated to The Kings, Daughters,       and Sons nursing home. For this donation, St. Peter's                   Anglican Church partnered with  Aktion’s Club who are                Sponsored by Germantown Kiwanis Club.

Director: Dr. Grace Kibe

Children's Sunday School
Date/Time: Sundays, 10:15 a.m.
Location: Groom's Room of Shaeffer Memorial Chapel
Director: Mrs. Mary Kibe 

Community Outreach

On-going project
We are available for those in our community who seek aid.  We have recently helped a grandmother who cares for a completely disabled adult grandson, alone, with minimal income.  Volunteers from St. Peter's have visited her regularly, replaced doors and windows in her house, repaired her heater, brought food, and aided her financially.
Director: Mrs. Billie Fielden

International Cookbook
On-going project

We are blessed with a congregation whose members have come to our community from a wide variety of nations.  We have prepared a Cookbook and our members have contributed their favorite recipes from their native countries. Traditional American recipes are also included. Proceeds from sales of this Cookbook are used to support Community Outreach and other St. Peter's programs.
Co-editors: Dr. Grace Kibe and Mrs. Billie Fielden

International Day Celebration
Date/Time: TBA
Location: TBA

Our church presents a diverse international background. Because of this diversity, it is imperative to show our different cultures by portraying them through music, costume, food, and literature. The International Day Celebration will be an invaluable program to the Greater Memphis Community, because it recognizes the cultural diversity in the community and provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate the values of different cultural community groups.

Co-directors: Mr. Hector Johnson and Mr. Kevin Ouma