Fri. 8/27 All day > Commemoration: Saint Monica Saint Monica, Mother of Augustine of Hippo, d. 387 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): O Lord, who through spiritual discipline didst strengthen thy Servant Monnica to persevere in offering her love and prayers and tears for the conv... more
Sat. 8/28 All day > Commemoration: St. Augustine of Hippo Saint Augustine of Hippo, Bishop of Hippo and Teacher of the Faith, d. 430 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): O Lord God, who art the light of the minds that know thee, the Life of the souls that love thee, and the strength of the h... more
Sun. 8/29 12:15 PM > Holy Eucharist Service
Mon. 8/30 All day Commemoration: Charles Chapman Grafton Charles Chapman Grafton, Bishop of Fond du Lac and Ecumenist, d. 1912 [IMAGE] Prayer: Loving God, you called Charles Chapman Grafton to be a bishop in your Church and endowed him with a burning zeal for souls: Grant that, following his exa... more
Tue. 8/31 All day > Commemoration: St. Aidan of Lindisfarne Saint Aidan of Lindisfarne, Abbot-Bishop of Lindisfarne, Missionary to Northumbria, d. 651 [IMAGE] St. Aidan statue, Lindisfarne PRAYER (traditional language): O loving God, who didst call thy servant Aidan from the Peace of a cloister ... more
Thu. 9/2 All day > Commemoration: Martyrs of Papua New Guinea The Martyrs of Papua New Guinea, 1901 and 1942 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): Almighty God, we remember before thee this day the blessed Martyrs of New Guinea, who, following the example of their Savior, laid down their lives for ... more
Sat. 9/4 All day > Commemoration: Saint Birinus Saint Birinus, Bishop of Dorchester and Evangelist to Wessex, d. 650 [IMAGE] Prayer: We beseech thee, O Lord, to pour thy grace on all who go to other lands, publishing the Word of salvation: That, following the patient labours of Saint... more
Sun. 9/5 All day > Commemoration: Mother Teresa Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Renewer of Society, d. 1997 A Prayer Which Mother Teresa Prayed Every Day: Dear Jesus, help me to spread Thy fragrance everywhere I go. Flood my soul with Thy spirit and love. Penetrate and possess my whole being so... more
12:15 PM > Holy Eucharist Service
Mon. 9/6 All day > Commemoration: Alan Gardiner Alan Gardiner, Missionary and Founder of the South American Mission Society, d. 1851 [IMAGE] From the Church Mission Society: Church Mission Society integrated with the South American Mission Society in February 2010. Here we celebrate ... more
Thu. 9/9 All day > Commemoration: Constance and her Companions, Martyrs of Memphis Constance and her Companions, Martyrs of Memphis, 1878 [IMAGE] A stained-glass window at All Saints Chapel at the University of the South in Sewanee pays tribute to Sister Constance and the Martyrs of Memphis. Photograph by Robert Butler, cour... more
Fri. 9/10 All day > Commemoration: Alexander Crummell Alexander Crummell, Priest and Missionary to Liberia, d. 1898 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): Almighty and everlasting God, we thank thee for thy servant Alexander Crummell, whom thou didst call to preach the Gospel to those who were f... more
Sun. 9/12 All day Commemoration: John Henry Hobart John Henry Hobart, Bishop of New York and Reformer of the Church, d. 1830 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): Revive thy Church, Lord God of hosts, whensoever it doth fall Into complacency and sloth, by raising up devoted leaders, li... more
12:15 PM > Holy Eucharist Service
Mon. 9/13 All day > Commemoration: Saint John Chrysostom Saint John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople and Teacher of the Faith, d. 407[IMAGE] A Byzantine mosaic of John Chrysostom from the Hagia Sophia A Prayer for the Feast Day of St. John Chrysostom: God of truth and love, who gave to your servant ... more
Tue. 9/14 All day Holy Cross Day Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross [IMAGE] PRAYERS (traditional language): Almighty God, whose Son our Savior Jesus Christ was lifted high Upon the cross that he might draw the whole world unto himself: Mercifully grant that we, wh... more
Wed. 9/15 All day > Commemoration: Dante Alighieri Dante Alighieri, Poet and Spiritual Writer [IMAGE] Artist Unknown PRAYERS (traditional language): Almighty God, who didst move thy servant Dante Alighieri to Portray in magificent poetry thy steadfast rejection of sin, thy loving correction ... more
All day > Commemoration: Saint Cyprian Saint Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage and Martyr, d. 258 [IMAGE] PRAYER (traditional language): Almighty God, who didst give to thy servant Cyprian boldness to Confess the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ before the rulers of this world, and... more
Thu. 9/16 All day > Commemoration: Saint Ninian Saint Ninian, Bishop of Galloway and Missionary to the Picts, d. 432 [IMAGE] Stained glass of Ninian in St. John the Evangelist Church, Cumnock. Photo credit: Lawrence Lew, O.P. PRAYER (traditional language): O God, who by the preach... more
Fri. 9/17 All day > Commemoration: Saint Hildegard of Bingen Saint Hildegard of Bingen, Abbess, Visionary and Writer d. 1179 [IMAGE] Historic image of Hildegard von Bingen PRAYER (traditional language): O God, by whose grace thy servant Hildegard, enkindled with the Fire of thy love, became a bur... more
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